DJ Steen

Executive Director

D.J. Steen has a rich and fruitful history with WFM as a hallmark of Peace Clinic, a program developed to eliminate the symptoms of PTSD and other aspects of Trauma. In addition to working with hundreds of individuals as they have themselves successfully utilized the tools learned through the Peace Clinic to receive freedom from the debilitating affects of trauma, D.J. has focused these efforts on war veterans with our recent and successful pilot launch of Operation Zhero in 2016. The work of Peace Clinic has been extended further than it's birthplace in Marion (now Robins, IA) having reached the coasts of the United States, and branching out even further to other nations. D.J. has a heart to both teach and minister, and in utilizing his own processes and systems within Peace Clinic, he practices what he preaches. D.J. is an example of a powerful leader with exceeding potential, one whom is willing to go the distance and utilize all tools available to him to exceed his own barriers and challenges. As a result, D.J. lives to develop those who desire to change, grow, and show up powerfully within their own lives and lay hold of their dreams.